Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9, 2009 Update

Jonathan "A" Gilbert, publisher
Red Lion Publications
A CREATOR'S POV: As a bit of a history nut I've always striven to be as accurate as possible whenever I write a period piece. Whether it be the technology used, the clothing that is worn or the use of historical events on which to build the story's basic plot I have found over the years that paying attention to such details usually results in better crafted tales. Here are a few links to webpages to give you a general idea as to what to expect from "Mister Chameleon" when he returns in 2010.


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PERIOD ART: Paying attention to details when writing a period piece is important and the same approach is necessary when it comes to the artwork. While this requires more research by the creative team more often than not the end result is a comics story that is satisfying to the readers and the talent doing the work. I mention this only because as of this posting "Mister Chameleon" is still in need of a penciler. There have been lots of talented artists who have submitted samples to RED LION PUBLICATIONS but up to this point none of them have provided what I am looking for visually. Nor for that matter has anyone submitted anything that shows he or she has an eye for the detail necessary to pencil a series set in 1932. So what exactly am I looking for visually besides someone who can do a period piece? To be honest it is hard for me to put that into words. I would like an artist who's work captures the flavour of 1930s comics but also has a unique visual look. So with that in mind if you are a penciler and would like to send some samples for a possible job as penciler of "Mister Chameleon" check out our submission guidelines which can be found at .
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NEW FORUM: Thanx to our buddy Mark Davis RED LION PUBLICATIONS now has its own forum where you can discuss all things Red Lion. Called "THE OFFICIAL RED LION PUBLICATIONS FORUM" some of the topics that are being covered include Mister Chameleon, Steve Skeates' previously published work, Kragor The Savage and the much anticipated Officer Omega. And if that wasn't enough there are also reviews of previously published comics featuring characters that will be published by RED LION PUBLICATIONS, a section devoted to our sister company CE PUBLISHING GROUP and a section about the comics company that started it all for CE PUBLISHING GROUP and RED LION PUBLICATIONS; The Legendary blue Moon Comics Group. So drop by and pay us a visit some time at .
That's it for this time out. Keep your eye on this blog for future updates about "Mister Chameleon". 'Bye for now.

Friday, March 13, 2009


When the police ignored pleas from former silent film and stage actor turned movie studio owner Jason Bradford to assist him in stopping an attempted take over of his film production company by a Los Angeles crime boss he decided to take matters into his own hands. Adopting the identity of Mister Chameleon, a character he used to play in a series of movies, Bradford used his mastery of disguise to infiltrate the crime boss' organization and destroy it from within.

Despite his being successful in stopping the crime boss Bradford realized that there were other victims of crime who the police were not helping. Realizing the need of others in Los Angeles Bradford vowed to continue to operate as Mister Chameleon to assist those threatened by criminal activities.
Inspired by 1930s pulp magazine mystery-men, Mister Chameleon was created by Jonathan "A" Gilbert in 1974 and first saw print in 1990. Over the years Mister Chameleon has been published by New Voice Productions, SeajayVentures, Blue Moon Comics Group and CE Publishing Group and is now being published by Red Lion Publications. Scheduled to debut in "Red Lion Spotlight" #3 Mister Chameleon will appear in two stories that issue including a revised origin of the 1930s Los Angeles based mystery-man. Over the coming months be sure to visit this site for updates on the debut of Mister Chameleon under the Red Lion Publications logo.